ppc386.exe has stopped workingWhen operating Dev-Pascal application, if sometimes you got an error ppc386.exe has stopped working, you must fix this error to continue your job. This error happened because of some files of Dev-Pascal has some app crash. With the trik below you can fix the app crash error whenever you want.

Step by step to fix ppc386.exe has stopped working :

Mengamankan file pascal

  1. Back up data / file with move to another drive or disk, or you can easily archieve them.
  2. Install Dev-Pascal ( re-install ).Back up folder Bin
  3. Create back upĀ for Dev-Pascal program, you need to archieve the Bin folder of Dev-Pascal.Hasil back up folder Bin
  4. The Bin folder of Dev-Pascal contains ppc386.exe and others application.
  5. Done.

Restore hasil backup

Whenever you got error ppc386.exe has stopped working, you can easily restore the Dev-Pascal application with your back up ( archieve ). This concept is actually restore the original Dev-Pascal application which not contains some virus or something else.

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