Prosesor_8086_smallProccessor, is an unit with have a lot function to manage and return an instruction like software instruction, the means of proccessor is begin in 1970. IBM is an company which one who produce proccessor for the first time, followed by Intel with 4004 series.


  1. The control unit of the CPU contains circuitry that uses electrical signals to direct the entire computer system to carry out stored program instructions. The control unit does not execute program instructions; rather, it directs other parts of the system to do so. The control unit communicates with both the ALU and memory.
  2. Register, is a small amount of storage available as part of a digital processor, such as a central processing unit (CPU). Such registers are typically addressed by mechanisms other than main memory and can be accessed faster. Almost all computers, load-store architecture or not, load data from a larger memory into registers where it is used for arithmetic, manipulated or tested by machine instructions. Manipulated data is then often stored back into main memory, either by the same instruction or a subsequent one. Modern processors use either static or dynamic RAM as main memory, with the latter usually accessed via one or more cache levels.
  3. ALU, that performs arithmetic and logic operations, processor registers that supply operands to the ALU and store the results of ALU operations, and a control unit that fetches instructions from memory and “executes” them by directing the coordinated operations of the ALU, registers and other components.
  4. CPU Interconnections is an system which one connected ALU and Register.


NOSeri ProsesorTahun RilisPenggunaanTeknologiArsitektur
140041971Kalkulator Busicom§   Dasar penciptaan Artificial Intelegence4 bit
280081972Bisnis§   Single Tasking8 bit
§   PMOS
§   Multi Voltage
380861978Komputer Altair§   Memori 64 Kilobyte8 bit
§   NMOS
§   Triple Voltage
480881979Bisnis§   Pemampatan ChipsetIn 16 bit
Ex 8 bit
5802861982Bisnis§   Software Prosesor sebelumnya16 bit
§   Maksimal akses 16 MB
§   Multi Tasking
6803861985Bisnis§   275.000 transistor32 bit
§   Maksimal akses 4 GB
7804861989Bisnis§   Single Click32 bit
§   FPU Internal
§   Math Co Proccessor
8Pentium1993Home PC§   Mengelola suara, bunyi, foto, dsb32 bit
§   PGA besar
9Pentium Pro1995Server dan Workstation§   5.500.000 transistor32 bit
§   2 grup pin ( 1pin cache memory, 1pin prosesor )
§   CMOV
10Pentium II1997Mengelola data multimedia§   7.500.000 transistor32 bit
§   Internet
11Pentium II Xeon1998Server dan Workstation§   Penambahan kecepatan / Clock speed32 bit
12Celeron1999Home PC§   L2 Cache lebih besar32 bit
13Pentium III1999Pencitraan 3D§   Penambahan 70 instruksi32 bit
14Pentium III Xeon1999Server dan Workstation§   Dual Proccessor32 bit
15Pentium IV2000Rendering 3D§   Frequensi 1.5 GHz s/d 3.4 GHz32 bit
§   Pin 423 s/d 478
16Pentium IV Xeon2001Server dan Workstation§   L2 Cache32 bit
17Itanium2001Server dan Workstation§   EPIC ( Explicity Parallel Instruction Computing )64 bit
18Pentium M2003Laptop dan Home PC§   Chipset 85532 / 64 bit
19Pentium M Seri2004Laptop dan Home PC§   Chipset 85532 / 64 bit
735, 744, 757
20Pentium M2004Server dan Workstation§   Dual Proccessor32 / 64 bit
Seri E7529, 7320§   2 MB L2 Cache
21Pentium 4 Extreme Edition2005Laptop dan Home PC§   Frekuensi 3.73 GHz32 / 64 bit
§   Hyper Threading
22Pentium D2005Laptop dan Home PC§   Dual Core32 / 64 bit
Seri 820, 830,840§   1 MB L2 Cache setiap core
§   Frekuensi 2.8 GHz s/d 3.2 GHz
23Core 2 Squad Q66002006Laptop dan Home PC§   Frekuensi 2.4 GHz32 / 64 bit
§   8MB L2 Cache
24Core 2 Squad Xeon2006Server dan Workstation§   TDP ( Therm Design Power )32 / 64 bit
25Core i32010Laptop dan Home PC§   Super High Speed32 / 64 bit
26Core i52010Laptop dan Home PC§   Super High Speed32 / 64 bit
27Core i72011Laptop dan Home PC§   Super High Speed32 / 64 bit


  • Architecture :
    • Bus Interface Unit ( BIU ), manage hardware like I/O.
    • Execution Unit ( EU ), proccessing input program from and into BUI..
  • BUS Data :
    • 16 bit full architecture
    • 16 bit register internal ( 64 kB memori )
    • 16 bit data bus
    • 20 bit bus ( 2^20 = 1.048.576 Byte = 1 MB physical memory )
  • Support :
    • Intel 8087
  • Technology :
    • HMOS
    • 29.000 transistor
    • 5MHz s/d 10MHz clock speed
  • Register :
    • Small
  • Operationality :
    • MN/MX pin 33 to 40 pin
    • Voltage 0V s/d 5V

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